The Procedure

As an oral surgeon, Dr. Vickers has the ability to manage the anxiety and discomfort of wisdom tooth removal with advanced forms of anesthesia, including IV general anesthesia.  As a result, the procedure can be completed quickly and less traumatically, encouraging a quicker recovery.  An additional benefit of the anesthetic medications is that the patient will usually have no memory of the procedure, having “slept” through it.  Dr. Vickers will also numb the wisdom teeth and the surrounding gum tissue with a local anesthetic to prevent any sensation of pain after awakening.

Some wisdom teeth will be fully intact when pulled from the jaw bone, while deeply impacted teeth may need to be removed in sections along with small amounts of the surrounding bone.

Preoperative Instructions

For those patients who choose sedation, it is important to prepare by following a few simple instructions.

  1. Please refrain from eating or drinking anything for 6 hours prior to the procedure.
  2. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Short sleeves are preferred to facilitate IV placement. Tennis shoes are the footwear of choice to minimize fall risks after surgery.
  3. Have a responsible adult bring you to the surgery, drive you home afterwards, and stay with you for the first few hours of your recovery.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

After your wisdom tooth extraction, your initial recovery will take approximately 5-7 days, while the gums should be fully healed within 3-4 weeks.  The first 2 days are the most difficult, with patients steadily improving after that until back to normal.

Tips for a Healthy Recovery

See our post-op instructions.

Planning Your Surgery

To sit down with Dr. Vickers for a full discussion about your wisdom teeth surgery, contact our office today.