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Corrective Jaw Surgery

Surgical Procedures Designed to Straighten and/or Realign the Jaw

The Greek word "orthos" means straighten and "gnathic" is the Greek word that refers to the jaw. Together, these words form the term orthognathic, which is translated to mean "straighten the jaw." Today, this term refers to surgical procedures which are designed to straighten and/or realign the jaws. Orthognathic surgery is commonly known as corrective jaw surgery.

Dr. Vickers performs corrective jaw surgery to correct a broad range of skeletal and dental irregularities when they are related to the misalignment of teeth and jaws.

Benefits of Orthognathic Surgery

Through corrective jaw surgery, it is possible to improve normal activities such as chewing, breathing, and speaking. However, corrective jaw surgery can also help to manage serious TMJ problems and manage the problem of sleep apnea. Although corrective jaw surgery is primarily used to improve the functional problems associated with a misaligned jaw, the surgery can also result in the dramatic improvement of your facial appearance as well as the following benefits:
•  Better chewing and biting
•  Easier swallowing
•  Relief from TMJ pain and headaches
•  Reduced stress and wear on the teeth
•  Enable the upper and lower teeth to fit together properly when the mouth is closed
•  Balance the front and side facial profiles
•  Correct facial injuries and congenital defects
•  Correct large or small chin and jaw
•  Address mouth breathing and sleep apnea, including disruptive snoring

Understanding the Surgical Procedure

Illustration of corrective jaw surgery at oral surgeon office in Flower Mound, TX.Dr. Vickers will work together with your general dentist and your orthodontist to determine if corrective jaw surgery is right for you. Dr. Vickers has the expertise to determine which type of corrective jaw surgery is appropriate for you and perform the surgical portion of your care. Your treatment is likely to include braces and the entire process will require a long-term commitment on behalf of the patient as well as the clinical team.

Local anesthesia and numerous sedation alternatives are available for your comfort throughout the surgical process, and our surgical suites are designed with safety and efficiency in mind.

For more information regarding corrective jaw surgery, please contact us to schedule a private consultation today.

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